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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 1, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig?
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encoun . this is kpix 5 news. . on a hunt for a child killer. the frightening encounter with another little girl that has cops wondering if they found their guy. gooevending, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken. shortly before finding his little sister stabbed to death, leila fowler's brother saw a man running from their house in the foothills. investigators want to know if it could have bven this man. another mother says he tried to snatch her toddler right out of her arms just this morning. while detectives wait for a dna sample, kristen shows us a grieving community. >> thousands of people showed up
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here tonight for a vigil for le all of them waiting for answers, weight for an arrest. they came out wearing pink and purple. those were leila's favorite colors. for the first time since the murder, their family spoke publicly about their grief. >> weeping openly, leila fowler's family stepped on a stage and faced a crowd of thousands in this small town holding candles in remembrance of a little girl whose murder remains a mystery. >> i just want to thank the entire community and all of our family and friends for the overwhelming amount of support that you've given my family. it will never be forgotten. >> leila's older brother justin broke down as he paid tribute to his little sister. >> i'm not saying good-bye to leila. i'm going to say i'll see you later. there's no good-byes. >> and later showed us the tattoo he got hours ago to pay tribute to her. it was leila's other brother, 12
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years old, moments after seeing an intruder in her house. she had been stabbed to death. now, authorities are investigating whether this man has been linked to leila's death. he broke into a home in placerville and tried to kidnap a 15 month old baby, but the child's mother fought him off. >> his actions were very bizarre. >> authorities planned to test his dna to see if it matches dna found ot leila's house living a community and family waiting and praying for a resolution and for justice. >> that suspect in the placerville case is behind bars tonight, but authorities here are saying this may not be a very strong lead. ken, that's because the description of that man does not necessarily match the one of leila's killer. >> yeah. kristen, a lot of people with the question tonight, why would somebody want to kill a little girl? have they figured out any kind of motive in this. >> you know, tough to know what
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the motive could be when they're still looking for the person who is out there, but authorities have ruled out the possibility that this was a robbery gown bad. they believe that the little girl was specifically targeted, that the person who came into the house intentionally murdered her. >> all right. kristen airs reporting live from valley springs tonight. thank you, vis ten. new video, an american cargo plane that crashed yesterday in afghanistan. take a look at this. the 747 had just taken off. it looks like it stalls there for a moment but then as you can see there it plunged to the ground near a road. seven american civil yavens were on board. all died. the plane was carrying cars and other freight heading for due buy. the taliban claimed to have shot it down but nato says that's not true. investigators are working with afghans to figure out what exactly happened. you know that nigh jeern scam, the e-mail that promises you a bifrj of money if you wire
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money somewhere first? a bay area man and his girlfriend are out more than a million bucks, but the couple didn't fall for an e-mail. they fell for a well-dressed guy with an unusual name. >> on facebook, his suits are expensive, and so are his cars. certificate from congress members explain his reputation as an upstanding citizen but prosecutors say he's really a criminal who pretended to be the son of the president of the congo in order to scam people out of money. the victim, a marin county real estate agent who specializes in the luxury market. blesd marvelous convinced the unnamed realtor that blesed marvelous's father is looking for property in marin and promised millions of dollars. he even convinced the real estate agents he lived here in the four seasons hotel in san francisco. that's according to court documents that say the two would meet here in person on occasion.
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>> but he never really lived here, and he never paid the real estate agent who prosecutors say lost more than $600,000. the agent's girlfriend lost more, almost a million dollars. >> he was always trying to do something, pull a fast one. >> former landlord said blesed marvelous file add $20,000 lawsuit saying the heat suddenly stopped working. >> we opened up the heating in his unit and the wiers were clutched. no explanation. >> that's one of several lawsuits in public records including one against city of san francisco back in 2003 for what he claimed was police brutality. the jury didn't agree. blessed marvelous is in jail charged with wire fraud. if convicted, he could shefsh up to 20 years in federal prison. >> just so everyone is cleeshgs blessed marvelous is not the son of the president of congo. in fact, the two are the same age, 41 years old. oregon homicide detectives are in the bay area to talk to
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the man accused of trying to carjack his way to the russian consulate. police say jeffrey boyce had a small arsenal when he was arrested in greenbrae yesterday. his mother called police warning that her son was unstable, obsessed with the boston bombings and possibly heading to the russian consulate in san francisco to seek asylum, but a marin county woman he allegedly tried to carjack says he confessed to more than that. >> you know, i kept asking him lots of questions about himself, and he was real candid, sharing things, saying he had killed somebody already. >> he said he killed somebody. >> he said, quit took somebody out. ". >> a woman was found dead near an oregon lighthouse on sunday. the bay area boy hurt in the boston bombings is back home in martinez tonight and just in time. tomorrow is his 12th birthday. aaron hern spent ten days in a boston hospital after he was
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wounded by shrapnel. his doctors expect him to make a full recovery. the hern family didn't want to talk to us today. we should hear from them on thursday. get ready for a heat wave. yeah, another beautiful night across the area. paul says the fair danger is spiking. this morner we have a wind advisory in effect right now through 11:00 tomorrow morning. the fire danger always goes up this time of year but because of the very low hiemdty and also because of gusty winds tonight is extra high fire alert. strongest winds will be north bay hills and east bay hills 40 to 50 miles per hour, which means that fire danger is very high in those spots where we expect the gustiest winds. you're under a red flag warning. the fire danger will be extreme through the day tomorrow with humidity down toward 10% tomorrow afternoon. here's more percentages for you, rain fall versus normal. this is why we have this drought
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problem now. livermore 21. fire danger increasing. get ready for temperatures in mid 90s. find out when and where coming up. >> all right. paul, see you then. tourists on those ferry boats help get pretty amazing view, the bay, the bridges, the skyline, but today one group got a little more than that. they saw a dead body. just after 5:00 this afternoon someone on the ferry saw the body floating in the bay, told the crew. the ferry stayed close enough until a fire boat could retrieve it. the medical examiner says there are no marks on the body to suggest foul play. an autopsy would be done tomorrow. who would put poisoned orange juice in a starbucks? cops say this woman. they say she put the oj in refrigerated display case. kpix 5 is at the starbucks with new ofgs about the woman. . >> luckily no one drank the toxic concoction, and it was a
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starbucks customer, a regular, who spotted this woman take orange juice bottles out of a purse like this and stick them in a display case. >> it's a very scary thought because i myself buy the juices for my kids. >> still baffling why this woman would want to sneak in two tabted and lethal bottles of orange juice into this san jose starbucks. >> she actually had a starbucks bag, which in my mind tells me she planned this out, she had brought the bag in with her probably to conceal the fact she had something inside of it that was dangerous. >> police say she's a local pharmacist and chemist who concocted a deadly mix of rubbing alcohol and orange juice. >> can't understand people sometimes. i mean, my immediate resaks who does that. >> employees said it smelled toxic. it was thanks to a customer who kath her until the act. >> the regulars here have been going here for years. we keep an eye on things.
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if something is out of place, we're the first people up there saying, hey, you know, this is going on. >> just kind of hope she gets the help that she needs. >> this happened during a very busy time. nearby high schoolers were getting out. many of them flock to starbucks to hang out. as for that woman, she is behind bars tonight. liz, she is charged with poisoning and attempted murder. i can tell you all of the starbucks in the area have double checked all of their items in the display case to make sure they are tightly sealed and weren't tampered with. >> we were talking in the news room today and so many of us go to starbucks as part of our routine. we go get our coffee or snack for the day. it's amazing this person was able to catch that. >> absolutely. i think weal all pay attention now, and really a lot of little kids will drink those orange juice so it's good it didn't get into the hands of anyone for that matter. >> absolutely. thank you. coming up, hard to believe that this used to be a piece of
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art. what's even more incredible is the small fortune bart is willing to spend to get rid of it. >> having a baby just got easier. the incredible perks a bay area company is giving new parents. i was in panic mode. i didn't kno,,,,,,,,
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that supposedly independent panel have or had financial and professional ties to caltrans, including this guy. the panel's chairman, rej nald deroche. he had worked on research projects that caltran helped pay for including his doctoral dissertation at cal. he even thanked caltran's top engineer on the new bridge for his help. he told the bow, quote, if i felt i had a conflict, i wouldn't be on this panel. ". well, i don't pretend to know much about art but wait till you see this. a piece of art hanging in the bart station since 1970 t. sharon chen is doing this story tonight. one thing, she never says a bad thing about anyone or anything. sharon, you summed it up pretty well earlier tonight telling us this thing in your word is gross. that says a lot coming from you.
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>> yes, ken. just tyke a look at this. . >> in the flurry of feet, drumming of strings, and thunder of trains, many bart commuters barely notice 7 thousand pounds of twisted rope greeting them at the embarcadero. >> i stand here every day and look at it. >> bart paid $50,000 for the vibrant arrange called legs. this is what it looked like in 1976. it was required to flutter. here it is today coated from dust from bart ear break and dirty. >> how much bacteria has probably accumulated all this time. >> in next year's budget shths mark proposes remoing it. the agency would spend $330,000,
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six times what it paid the artist to get rid of it. it's been 13 years since this has been cleaned adds a cost of $60,000, and this is just getting the surface, bart did tray to take it down in 1987. one director called it a hanging dish towel, but the artist's objections and bart's concerns about removing the piece illegally kept it in place. >> i'm sure barbara would appreciate it if it were somewhere more visible and was really appreciated for what it is. >> well, we tried a number of times but would not reach the artist. she is 83 years old, a profess sos at uc davis. ken. >> that's gross. . >> yeah. it's going to cost a lot of money, $330,000. that's just not for the removal. alts, for doing the research looking at an art expert and legal expert to see if they can do this without getting into
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legal trouble. >> keep us updated. gentleman hoo will now offer 16 weeks paid leave to new moms and up to 8 weeks to new dads. another new perk, 500 bucks to put toward grocerys and baby clothes. yahoo's ceo gave birth nine weeks ago. . a lot of things could go wrong with wetting. you can have bad weather, naughty guests. there's the, you know, crazy people who show up. that's what happened. one bay area woman, she says that her plans went wrong. >> yeah. days before she said i do, and the bride tells julie watts, it's all san jose's fault. >> it was supposed to be the best day of their life, but less
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than two weeks before the big day, dream wegd turned into a nightmare. >> i was in panic mode. we thought woildn't have any food at the wedding. >> a wedding for over 300 people they've been planning for a year. >> from the beginning they told us we had to use this list of venues. >> the caterer, they only had one option. >> there were three indian caterers on this list, and the one that weing contacted was the one available too old a wedding of our size. >> so they informed in january they would be using taj palace. ten days before their october wegd date. >> we get a notice from the city telling us that the care that we had chosen does not have insurance and can not cater for our wedding. >> we're very sympathetic to her, but we had no contractual relationship with the caterer at all. >> david, director of communications for the city of
1:58 am
san jose says while lopa and tim were required to choodz a caterer from the city's list, the city provides no guarantees. >> so are you saying that the city has no responsibility to ensure that the mandatory insured caterers are actually, in fact, insurance. >> this was accurate at the time they discussed it. we go through and regularly check all the people in that list on a regular basis. >> if they had, they'd have noticed the owner of taj palace closed up shop a few wieks earlier and taken the money with him. something he'd done with others before. >> the city would have no idea the restaurant had shut down. >> if it wasn't for us, this person could still be ton list. >> we didn't check his business record. our check is make sure they need requirements for insurance and they have the health permits to be in the catering business for our facility. >> tim and lopa did end up with a beautiful wegd and were able
1:59 am
to find a last-minute caterer with no help from the city. they want that money back, and they want to warn others. >> we went through so much headache because of this ten days before my wedding. >> if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be in this position in the first place. >> denied their request for reimbursement, tim and lopa are suing. bottom line, when planning any event, do your own resxerj stay in contact with all of your ren dors. kpix 5. >> i think more people should, you know, barbecue hot dogs and hom burgers. by the way, this couple rb facing off tomorrow. >> and the silver lining is they still had a beautiful wedding. >> yeah, happily ever after. >> and it was good luck. >> the added the guacamole for free. that sounds pret did good right
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now. >> in and out maybe. >> take a peek outside tonight. here's the live look outside, and we have a view looking back toward emeryville. zero fog. sfog not going to be an issue over the next several days. matter of fact tonight is a very mild noith. oakland 58 and concord 55 greece. microclimate forecast. approaching 90 on thursday. i do think you'll get there. coming up on friday, a lot of the bay area will be in the 90s. here's the reason why. big area of high pressure which we've been watching, gosh, for the last couple weeks. here's the difference, it's moving into an area north or west which will now give usz an off-shore. when it's right where it's going to be we understand through saturday we get that easterly component to the wind. that eliminates any cooling
2:01 am
innuance of the po pacific ocean. you may approach 80 at the coast coming up thursday and friday. those will be the hottest days. if you're looking for relief, it is coming. get out of the way, get an on shore flow back. that will happen for the weekend. it will be breezy tomorrow, getting hotter. record highs are likely thursday and friday. cooler weather moving in for the weekend. san jose 84, about 10 to 15 degrees above average. palo alto 80s, sunshine, 82, hill hit 83, danville 86, mrez san ton sunshine 86 degrees. downtown san francisco a toesty 756789 san leandro 79 degrees. 756789 san leandro 79 degrees. 80s near the bay even in,,,,
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sing a little good-bye ruby tuesday to denver nuk ets in game five but denver's message don't play with me. they beat up onset kerry, clobbered by mcgee. still in the first. kauch kenneth faried stick his foot out and try to trip curry. that was the idea today. another dunk for denver. they led by 20 at the half. warriors fought back in the fourth. tested, the hoorngs the foul. nuggets lead down to 8 points and then feoff fity kets a hold l day oun. this is the only plea -- three pointer of the night. nuggets take eight-point lead. they win 107 to 100 to force a game six thursday at oakland. mark was not pleased about the physical play. >> tried to send hit men on
2:08 am
staff. dirty plays early. it's playoff basketball. that's all right. we own it. but make no mistake about it, we ent up 3-1 playing hard, physical, clean basketball. not trying to hurt anybody. >> mind own business and come out trying to throw elbows and stuff like that. >> if we played dirty, they must have played unsanitary because the stuff they been doing is crazy. >> play dirty every night, and they target me. every rebound they try to hit me and try to hurt me so it's basketball. >> brandon moss the a's back at it last nielth after hitting a walk off 140 a.m.. drives home two on a triple, 5 to 3 oakland. it's all other now andset smith clears the bases with a line drive.
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